Coming out of the Great Recession, one of the signs that the economy was on the rebound was a peculiar uptick in the business of staffing agencies.  Companies were turning to staffing agencies to use temporary labor to fill labor shortages in order to avoid the financial risk of hiring long-term employees.  Once the economy seemed to be on solid ground again, many of those temp workers were hired full-time.

But, there was something else discovered during this period.  Both companies and employees liked the flexibility.  Employees liked that they had options on working environments and jobs and employers liked the flexibility of finding the right employee for a position.

In other words everybody won.

Once considered the bottom feeders of the employment world, staffing agencies are carving out a very beneficial position in the new economy.  Filling everything from general labor positions, to six-figure executive careers staffing agencies are on the rise.  In many cases, companies have found that staffing agencies fill aggravating human resource responsibilities, without creating an HR division presenting the best candidates and letting the company make the final decisions.  From an employee side, recruiters work as advocates for those searching for jobs, offering them helpful advice and putting them on the path to career success.

This is a principle The Hughes Agency adopted years ago.  Find the best possible clients and match them with the best possible employees to ensure that everybody wins.