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Posted by on Feb 29, 2016 in Career Advice, Featured Slider | 0 comments

How Not to Get Hired

How Not to Get Hired

Finding a job can be tough.  Even when there are openings it can seem like it’s easy to get passed over which can lead to frustration.  We hire a LOT of people. However, like everyone else who are in the business of hiring, there are a lot of people that we DON’T hire.  The reasons why can vary, but here’s a short list of the top five ways to ensure you won’t get the job.

1.) Bad Attitude

Sorry, but if you walk in our office and treat our staff terrible, there’s no way you’re getting sent to one of our clients.  We make the commitment to our employees that we’ll send them to the best employers possible, but we commit to our clients to send them the best employees possible.  So being rude or acting entitled is one of the quickest ways of getting your application trashed.

2.) Unstable Job History

About the last thing any employer wants is to spend the time to get someone trained for a position only to have that same employee hit the road a few weeks later.  If your job history shows that you don’t stick with a job or can’t keep a job, it’s going to get harder and harder to find a new position.

3.) Irrelevant Work History

This one shows up a lot.  A lot of jobs we hire for are for skilled positions which means that very often training, certifications and experience are required before we can consider someone.  Simply saying you’re a quick learner isn’t going to help you.

4.) Criminal History

Having a criminal history certainly isn’t going to help your cause.  We have some clients that will work with someone with a troubled past, but others simply won’t consider it.

5.) Asking for Too Much Money

We usually don’t get to set the pay scale for the positions we hire for. That’s done by the client.  We get it, you may need more money.  We get that, but that also means you’ll get passed over for a job opening.

We really do want to help everyone, but sometimes it takes a while to find a position that fits a particular candidate. But, sometimes there simply nothing we can do.  If you want to improve your chances though there are things you can do.  Keep a good attitude, get some training, stick with a job to prove you can be reliable and set reasonable expectations on what you can expect to make and what jobs you’re qualified.  Do these things, and your chances go up dramatically.


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