Fresh out of school? Fresh out of a job? Looking for a job in Arkansas?  Maybe we can help.

At some point everyone has to find a job.  From searching the papers, to looking online, and eventually finding that one job that seems perfect.  But, the question is how do you make it yours?  There is no miracle fix that will get you a dream job overnight, but there are some tried and true practices to get your name pushed to the top.  There are also some tried and true ways to get your application pushed to the bottom.  Let’s cover those so you keep yourself off the bottom of the pile.

  1. Sloppy and Misspelled Applications and Resumes:  First impressions are everything and that starts with your job application or resume.  Very often HR professionals receive dozens or hundreds of applications for a single job and they have to find a way to quickly thin the applicant list.  Guess which applications get tossed first?  The last thing a boss wants is an employee who can’t write legibly.  Make sure you complete a job application as neatly and professionally as possible.  Get someone to proof read it and check it again before you submit it.
  2. Being Rude:  This would seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people walk into a business and treat the receptionist or other people around them without respect.  This is probably one of the fastest ways to get your application not only rejected, but tossed in the trash.  A good rule of thumb is to imagine that every person you meet within a mile of the company could possibly be your new boss. (Because they could be!) Be respectful.  Be polite. Always!
  3. Applying for Every Job Opening:  This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t apply for all the jobs you’re qualified for, but some folks think that if they apply for every position from CEO to custodian they improve their chances of landing a job.  What this tells HR pros is that you’re unfocused and that your decision making abilities may not be the kind they want in the company.
  4. Answering Your Phone During an Interview:  Speaking personally, if I was interviewing someone and they pulled out their phone mid-interview and either texted or answered a phone call, regardless of how qualified they were, I would never hire them.  It shows a lack of respect and a lack of professionalism.  Don’t just turn your phone to vibrate, turn it off.
  5. Showing Up Late:  Your interview is scheduled at one o’clock and you stroll in ten minutes late.  Chances are the interview is already over.  Showing up late for an interview tells your potential boss that you’re not someone who can be trusted to be somewhere on time.  It doesn’t matter how awesome your qualifications are if people can’t depend on you!