We pledge to our clients…

To offer you the most qualified employees possible
To immediately start working on filling staffing orders once we hear from you
To work with you in order to fill specialty staffing requests
To go well beyond the call of duty to help you in your business needs
Your success is our passion

What we ask from our clients…

To maintain a clean and safe working environment for Hughes Agency employees
To give equal treatment to Hughes Agency employees
To keep Hughes Agency employees in the jobs they are hired for
To keep Hughes Agency employees off assignments they are not trained for

We Offer Employee Insurance Benefits

We test our applicants to make sure they’re qualified to work for you.

We require comprehensive knowledge and skill testing of all our applicants before we ever consider sending them to your company. It’s one more way we strive to send top notch employees to our clients. If you would like to take the test to see what your future and current employees must pass e-mail Kara for the login information.

Take the test!

Click on the link…Fill in the required three fields…once you’re logged in click on “Set Up Session”…follow the directions from there!

Click to Download – Hughes Timecard

Equal Employment Opportunity

The Hughes Agency is an equal opportunity employer. It is the policy of The Hughes Agency to ensure equal employment opportunity in all personnel actions taken. Therefore, selection and other employment related decisions will be made without regard to an individual’s race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, or other legally protected status.