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01/21/14 | 2013 W-2's Are Ready!

Dear The Hughes Agency Employee,

This year our W-2 forms will be available online. You can view your W-2 at

To log in you will need to know your Birth Date and Social Security Number. You will be asked to consent to receive an electronic W-2 in place of a paper W-2, and a verification code... (more)

09/28/12 | How Hughes can help you? is dedicated to assisting every job seeker out there. From job placement boards to FREE resume assistance, is here for you and it is FREE!!!

Sign up today at!


04/27/12 | View Pay Stubs

We have started direct deposit and Global Cash Cards for many of our clients. In order to view your pay information online you will need to: 1. Call and request a "Welcome Letter". You can do this by calling 501-791-3303 and asking your staffer for a "Welcome Letter".

  1. You will get an email with instructions to set up a user name... (more)